Clever Bangalore smoke buff would put her back on top in Apex Legends Season 12

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Apex Legends players have come up with a few tweaks they’d like to see given to Bangalore’s smoke to make her a bit more useful, with Season 12 just around the horizon. 

With new legend being introduced into Apex Legends, fans of Respawn’s battle royale have been lobbying for some tweaks to the characters that have been around for quite some time.

While Mad Maggie is the headline addition in Season 12, plenty of fans are excited for Crypto’s long-awaited buff – that will allow the Security Expert to use his drone’s EMP without having to actually pilot it.

Next on fans’ wishlist for changes, it seems, is Bangalore. While the former IMC soldier has had plenty of lore love recently, changes to her kit have been a little lacking, and players have got some ideas.

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Recently, fans suggested that Bang should be able to bloom smoke in the air with a mechanic somewhat similar to Loba’s bracelet throw. However, others have gone a set further.Redditor minddocdan tossed a few ideas around her smoke, including increasing the density of the smoke so Bloodhound scans can’t work, having the smoke cause damage like Caustic gas, and even being able to extinguish the fire from thermites and Fuse.

Players were quick to point out their favorite, with many opting for the increased density as a counter for Bloodhound. “Density makes sense,” said Oraham123. “Always sad seeing a bang smoke when I’m Bloodhound.” Another added: “Density is definitely the best. It’s not too overpowered but still useful.”

Other fans claimed that Bangalore is “fine” in her current state, and doesn’t need much tweaking. Though, there are plenty who disagree and want to see her vault into the upper echelons of tier lists.

Obviously, the final call for changes lies with Respawn, and with Season 12 buffs and nerfs already locked in, a rework for Bang could be a fair way off – perhaps as a mid-season buff?